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If you’re a fresh PhD graduate looking to work on some of the world’s most challenging de novo genomes, we have a postdoc position for you.


Applications due 23:55 Friday 3 May 2019 (GMT/UTC+10)


We use advanced computational and database approaches to investigate microbial genomes and their evolution



Benchmarking of alignment-free sequence comparison methods
Zielezinski A, Girgis HZ, Bernard G, Leimeister CA, Tang K, Dencker T, Lau AK, Röhling S, Choi J, Waterman MS, Comin M, Kim SH, Vinga S, Almeida JS, Chan CX, James BT, Sun F, Morgenstern B, Karlowski WM
16 April 2019, bioRxiv 611137. • DOIPDFAFproject Website