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PhD opportunities for domestic (Australian and New Zealand) students: Genetics of climate-change adaptation in Great Barrier Reef corals


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Presentation at ISMB 2020 (Virtual Conference), Special session on Coral Bioinformatics, 14 July 2020 (on ISCB YouTube Channel):

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IMB News: Algae use distinct method when swapping DNA during sex


Sex in Symbiodiniaceae dinoflagellates: genomic evidence for independent loss of the canonical synaptonemal complex
Shah S, Chen Y, Bhattacharya D, Chan CX
2020. Scientific Reports • 10: 9792. DOIPubMedPDF


Genomes of the dinoflagellate Polarella glacialis encode tandemly repeated single-exon genes with adaptive functions
Stephens TG, González-Pech RA, Cheng Y, Mohamed AR, Burt DW, Bhattacharya D, Ragan MA, Chan CX
2020. BMC Biology • 18: 56. DOIPubMedPDF