Who we are


Dr Cheong Xin Chan (CX)

PhD (Genomics & Computational Biology), UQ
Senior Research Officer, Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Affiliate Lecturer, School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience
c.chan [at] imb.uq.edu.au
P +61-7-33462617
F +61-7-33462101

I have a broad interest in evolutionary genomics, particularly of microbial eukaryotes. A focus of my current research is on the evolutionary transition of dinoflagellates from free-living to symbionts critical to coral reefs. I am interested in developing scalable, alignment-free phylogenomic approaches, and the use of cutting-edge genomic technologies to quickly infer evolutionary histories of thousands of microbial genomes. At UQ I also teach in a number of courses in genomics and bioinformatics. For more information, see my research profile and my teaching profile.

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Postgraduate students

Raúl A. González-Pech

Master of Ecology, Evolution & Systematics, LMU München, Germany
PhD candidate, Institute for Molecular Bioscience
r.gonzalezpech [at] imb.uq.edu.au

My major research interest is the evolution of coral-dinoflagellate symbiosis. I currently compare genomes of different isolates within the genus Symbiodinium (clade A) looking for signatures of the evolutionary transition from a free-living to a symbiotic lifestyle. I am also interested in the application of large-scale analysis approaches (such as the ‘-omics’) to get a big picture of the processes driving evolution of symbiosis.

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Timothy G. Stephens

BBiotech (First Class Honours), UQ
PhD candidate, Institute for Molecular Bioscience
E: timothy.stephens [at] imb.uq.edu.au

Sarah Shah

MSc (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Dalhousie University, Canada
PhD candidate, Institute for Molecular Bioscience
E: sarah.shah [at] uqconnect.edu.au

Yibi Chen

Master of Agricultural Extension (Horticulture), Yunnan University
Master of Bioinformatics student, Institute for Molecular Bioscience
E: yibi.chan [at] uq.net.au

Pierre Youssef

Master of Bioinformatics student, Institute for Molecular Bioscience
E: p.youssef [at] uq.net.au

Research volunteers

Clarisse Louvard

PhD candidate, School of Biological Sciences
E: clarisse.louvard [at] uqconnect.edu.au

Christopher Wrona

E: christopher.wrona [at] uqconnect.edu.au